How To Turn Your Basement Into A Comfortable Space With Some Basement Ideas

While most basements are built and utilized for nothing but storage space, lending an ear to some basement finishing ideas may change your mind regarding your basement’s place in your home so think of some basement ideas. Embarking on such a project can greatly improve the value of your property, and need not call for too great an investment.

Basement Finishing Ideas You Need To Consider

Installing A Heating System In Your Basement

Since basements tend to be cold, you should probably start out by installing heating and air conditioning units. You should keep in mind that the only good candidates for finishing are dry basements. If your basement has issues relating to dampness, you’ll need to install dehumidifiers that can eliminate the moisture. You can also add a secondary heat source to your basement if the temperature proves difficult to maintain. It is of the utmost importance that you deal with any moisture problems your basement may have before installing new systems.

Basement Humidity

  • If you’re going to seal the basement in with wood, choosing the right type of lumber for the walls is important.
  • Treated lumber will not be affected by moisture that leaks through concrete.
  • Carpets or drapes are not recommended, since they tend to absorb moisture. This is why storing clothes or books is also a big no-no if your basement has a problem with humidity.

In fact, before you start on any basement project, you need to fix any problems that are going to lead to your basement becoming dank, as this will result in the growth of mold on the walls. Mold spores, if inhaled, can be a serious threat to your health.

Once you’ve got a handle on temperature and moisture control, it’s time to let your imagination run wild. The number of basement finishing ideas that you can realistically realize may be limited by space, but even a small basement can be turned into

  • study area
  • an entertainment room
  • a bar
  • gym
  • game room
  • wine cellar
  • library
  • additional bedroom

With a little browsing on the Internet, you’ll find an absolute horde of unique basement finishing ideas that require very little effort to execute, even if you’re only the most amateur DIY enthusiast.

More Basement Finishing Ideas and Tips To Consider

  • Because of the absence of natural light, light colors tend to work best for this area.
  • Concrete keeps temperatures low, so it’s best to cover any exposed concrete surfaces with insulating materials.
  • Tiles or sealed wood are generally considered the best ways to improve the unique appearance and comfort of this area.

The Flooring

In terms of flooring options, while wood, tiles or carpeting are all potential options, a wooden subfloor over the floor of any concrete basement is recommended. Between this and the concrete basement, you should include plastic sheathing, which acts as a moisture barrier.

The Ceiling

As for the ceiling, drywall ceiling will probably fit in best with the rest of your home, unless you’re living in an industrial or Manhattan-style home with multiple exposed elements. Dropped ceilings are usually the most practical when it comes to providing easy access to plumbing. Drywall ceilings will cover up pipes and wires. Either way, the look of your ceiling will create a very particular atmosphere, so it’s an important thing to keep in mind while working on your project.

Finishing a pre-built basement is far less expensive than external home renovation. Depending on your budget and skills, you can try to do it yourself or hire a company. Regardless of your methods, you’ll discover that, the more you look at various basement finishing ideas, the more worthwhile such projects appear, as an investment both in your family’s pleasure and in the market value of your home.